The first challengers

Over on the sidebar you can see the first names under the Challengers heading.  These are the first two suckers brave souls to enter the ring and take up the Stockade challenge.

First up is… me!  My game is going to be called Siege.  You can follow progress through the labeled posts on my blog.

Second is Nathan.  He hasn’t told me about his game yet (or maybe he did and I just don’t remember).  It’s an unnamed game right now, but soon enough he’ll have more details up on the Peril Planet site.

When you’re ready to join in, just post over at the Stockade Google Group with your name, your game’s name (if it has one so soon) and the URL for your development blog or website.

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3 Responses to The first challengers

  1. Nathan says:

    I have chucked my hat in the ring, but the ol’ brain is still bubbling with ideas. I am starting a new project from close to scratch and am seeking something to sink my teeth into.

  2. Damn you guys!! I promised Leah I wouldn’t write a new game for Gencon Oz 2010.

    I’ve got a couple of festering ideas that I’ve been looking for a chance to work on. Now to see if any of those concepts will link well with any of the inspirations, or if I can tweak the concept to mesh well with a couple of them.

    I might try to generate something quick…a dozen or so pages.

    So I guess this is me officially throwing the Vulpinoid Studios hat into the ring.

  3. Nathan says:

    Good show old chap! But don’t limit yourself to the inspirations if they wont fit. They are there to… inspire you, not limit you!

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