Pep talk anyone?

Hey Challengers! To celebrate the fact that I have actually made a decision on the kind of game I intend to write, I thought I would share some thoughts. We have seven challengers so far, but have it on good authority that at least one more person will be joining us shortly AND we haven’t heard from all the people that sat in the hot seat at the Game Design Round Table AND I carried on about the challenge on the latest episode of Here Be Gamers! (due out today, but I am writing this instead…). So I expect we might have more people join in our little endeavour. Welcome aboard everyone!

Now that you have put up our hand and said you are going to participate in this crazy venture, I encourage you to tell as many people as possible. Tell your mum, best friend, work colleagues and priest, ring the local radio station and hire a plane to write a message in the sky this summer. Boast about how good your game is going to be, while your at it. Tell people it’s the next Spirit of the Century, Dogs in the Vinyard, Savage Worlds, Mouse Guard or (if they aren’t a “gamer”) Monopoly. Once you have done this you should find yourself in the grip of fear, pondering the ridicule and taunts you will recieve should you fail your mission. Cold sweat? Furrowed brow? Load in your pants? Excellent! Use that fear and get working! You don’t want to be embarressed now that you have done all that bragging, do you? It is time to scribble down a rough draft, play it with your friends, make the necessary adjustments and do it all over again. Afterall, you now have less than 52 weeks to finish!


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Hey there! I'm a writer, father, geek, teacher and gentleman creative. Looking for my next adventure now...

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