Another resource

Hey folk. I just want to let you know about another print on demand (POD) option – Create Space. This is a company owned by and so your product is automatically listed there and they will supply you with an ISBN (the string of numbers above a book’s barcode used to identify book publisher, genre, etc) if you don’t have one. I have not used Create Space but at a glance the costs are very competative if you are buying the book yourself and distributing to stores etc. The Create Space and Amazon fees (20% and 40% of cover price respectively) seem high but are not actually any different to Lulu (20%) and RPGnow (40%).

It appears that the POD options out there are many.


Game Design Notes

Game design notes can be a useful text for any aspiring designer.  It gives insight into someone else’s game and their design process.  Importantly, it gives the inexperienced designer some things to watch out for.

Steve Jackson Games published Revolution this year, and have just made available the design notes.  These are notes from an experienced designer, working with an experienced game company.  If your game project for the Stockade is your first game, take the time to read a few game design notes and ask yourself whether the same issues apply to your game and if they do, how you will tackle them.

And if you know of any other game design notes out there on the web, post them in the comments.

Another contender enters the ring!

As word of the Stockade spreads more and more people are joining the community to share their ideas and enthusiasm and even to create their own games. Ray Williams (or Raymunji to some!) has thrown his hat into the ring and is creating a “setting book” called Where The Shadows Play. Welcome aboard Ray!

Giant monsters save the day!

That’s the name of the game for Sam (a.k.a. Disthron) who has come back to us from the Game Design Roundtable and announced his game.  You can find his project page at The Daily Click community.

Resources and information

I have added a link to Dave Clark’s website, Dust (just check the Resources sidebar). Dave is an illustrator and graphic designer and he is keen work for you! Check out his gallery, his art is amazing.

Also, check the comments for the previous post, Print on Demand. Jason Morningstar (designer of Grey Ranks, Shab Al Hiri Roach and other games) has commented with some good information to consider. I have begged him for more details.

I encourage everyone to post about the Stockade to the forum communities that you frequent and talk about the project with anyone with even a passing interest in games. This will help to build interest in the endeavour, your games and the project overall.

Print on demand

While most of us are nowhere near the point of looking for printers yet, I have put links to a couple of print-on-demand companies in the Resource section. To use these companies you create an account, upload your files and order your books – it’s basically that simple. Lulu has a very simple user interface and wizard that helps you create books. I personally have not used Lightning Press but have heard good things about them.

Why call it The Stockade

Attentive regulars to the site may have noticed an extra link just under the banner.  It’s Eureka, a brief explanation as to why we chose The Stockade as the name for this project.  Brush up on your Australian history along the way.

And do take the time to click through to the Eureka Centre at Ballarat.  It’s a great little site.