Print on demand

While most of us are nowhere near the point of looking for printers yet, I have put links to a couple of print-on-demand companies in the Resource section. To use these companies you create an account, upload your files and order your books – it’s basically that simple. Lulu has a very simple user interface and wizard that helps you create books. I personally have not used Lightning Press but have heard good things about them.

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One Response to Print on demand

  1. Jmstar says:

    Congratulations, Australians, on getting organized!

    Are you looking for true Print-On-Demand or short-run printers? There’s typically a significant markup for services printing a copy at a time (like Lulu) over short-run jobs, where you are getting (for example) 100 perfect-bound copies all at once, and then distributing them some other way.

    I have some experience with both in the US domestic market and would be glad to share what I know, if that’s helpful. The Publication sub-forum at the Forge is also a gold mine for this stuff.

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