Why call it The Stockade

Attentive regulars to the site may have noticed an extra link just under the banner.  It’s Eureka, a brief explanation as to why we chose The Stockade as the name for this project.  Brush up on your Australian history along the way.

And do take the time to click through to the Eureka Centre at Ballarat.  It’s a great little site.

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5 Responses to Why call it The Stockade

  1. SteveD says:

    Some of my (admittedly more sensitive) friends have been dismayed by the name and choice of imagery because of the unnecessary politica baggage it adds to the endeavour (and not just because the right wing co-opted the imagery). Any thoughts on that?

  2. Andrew says:

    That’s always the case with any symbol. With the right cognitive framing a signifier can be associated with almost any signified. The hammer and sickle was meant to represent the industrious proletariat, but came to represent the many evils of the USSR – and yet this imagery is used neatly by the indie press revolution store and the Master Plan podcast.

    Using the Eureka iconography is a tip of the hat to what happened in Australian history, without endorsing anyone else’s attempts to co-opt the same symbol. We take responsibility only for our own co-opting.

  3. Nathan says:

    What he said. The important thing is that the Eureka Stockade flag is instantly recognised by Australians as something uniquely Australian. It’s ability to generate conversation is just as useful. Anyone who makes an attempt to understand what we are doing here will realise we have no political agenda (beyond the obvious “world domination” that all gamers seek).

  4. SteveD says:

    I do admire an Australian tinge, without cringe. And Eureka does that much better than say, the Aussie flag.

    I posted the question because my gf saw me looking at the site and she was momentarily horrified that I had become a redneck. I explained the deal, and a few minutes later she walked back in and said “hell yeah. TAKE IT BACK.”

    She’s awesome.

    – taking it back D

  5. Nathan says:

    Are you saying you AREN’T a redneck? 🙂

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