By now you probably have the basic rules of your game written down.  You may have even played it a few times with your own group of gamers.  If you have, you’re way ahead of me and I need to catch up.

But no matter where you are with playtesting, there always seems to be an opportunity to playtest your game with total strangers, or even partial strangers.  Conventions are a great opportunity to playtest your game, but you should remember a couple of pointers to help make it run smoothly.

First, make sure that it’s advertised as a playtest.  People may not have as much fun with a playtest as they would with a polished game.  By making it clear from the outset, you’re more likely to get the kind of players that you need.

Second, plan your feedback.  You might want verbal feedback only, so you need to allow some time at the end of your session to get it from your players.  If you want written feedback, give your playtesters some forms so that you get useful feedback.  Also, you can start your session by identifying a specific area that you want to test.  It could be useful to ask the players to try and break the magic system, or the acrobatics system.

Third, make sure you get the names of your playtesters if you want to thank them in the final print.  Gratitude is so much better without spelling mistakes.

So look out for the next gaming convention near you, or far from you if you have a larger budget.  It’s an opportunity worth grasping.


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