25% Done?

Gen Con Oz, and the launch of the Stockade project, was three months ago. It’s been a little quiet around here of late, so it makes me wonder whether that’s because we all forgot what we said we’d do, or whether we’re so hard at work on our games that we don’t even have time to blog!

25% of the year is gone now. Have you finished 25% of your game?  Leave a comment here, or over at the google group, and give us an update.

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5 Responses to 255 Done?

  1. David says:

    I haven’t forgotten and in fact it’s been on my mind more or less every day. I’m just so terribly bad at motivating myself to work, that it seems to be getting further and further behind.

  2. Nathan says:

    There is no way that my original proposal is 25% complete. In fact, everything I have done on that particular project is on my blog (the sum of a few hundred words of vague ideas and descriptive text). I think the game project I will be pushing forward with in 2010 will be The Beast of Limfjord. While at first I made the game to (a) test the dice mechanic I intended to use with Oro, and (b) satisfy my player’s desire for a gritty Dark Ages game, it has grown into something else.
    While I have not recieved as much playtest feedback as I had hoped (so far!), I do have a bunch of ideas on where I want to take it. Expect a blog post on Peril Planet in regards to this soon!

  3. Timothy says:

    I’ve kind of lost interest in Concierge, since it became a card game.

    I do have a new RPG game in mind, though…I think I can get it to ashcan by GenCon 2010…

    • Nathan says:

      That’s too bad about Concierge, Timothy, but great about your RPG idea. So let’s get on with it! Sketch out some of your ideas and do a bit of fiddling while you’re still keen and inspired. Then, when you have a vague idea of what your game will look like, share it with us. I honestly believe it is not too lat to start your new project. I have to believe that, in light of how much work I still have to do!
      Good luck.

  4. Timothy says:

    OK, so, with regard to Concierge, I’ve gotten around to revising the rules to make them simpler, and I’ve put up a card list on my blog. I’ve also done a Word document with the cards in a sort of “print this on cardstock and cut it out and you will have my game in ashcan” way. See the link at the side, guys. If anyone wants the word file, just get in touch and I’ll post it to you. I can’t get WordPress to render it.

    Basically though I have no real desire to do the card art.

    My own little RPG project, the new one? It’s called Grifters, and its the game of finding people who want something for nothing, and giving them nothing for something. You play members of a team of confidence tricksters. Like “Hustle”. I’ll be kicking off the proper writery writing of it in February, I think.

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