Go Play Brisbane on March 20th

If you live in Brisbane and want the opportunity to meet playtesters other indie gamers, then come along to Go Play. It’s a mini-con for indie games. I plan to run a playtest of my game Siege there, and you’ll also be able to play Michael Wenman’s Quincunx there. Register now by sending an email to goplaybrisbane@gmail.com


Product Launch at Gen Con Oz 2010

As we all know, the goal of this project is to have games ready for sale at Gen Con Oz 2010. Although it seems like a long time away (it’s only seven months, though), the time is drawing near to turn the Stockade from a good idea into an event. Yes, an event. In fact, we’re going to have a product launch.

On Saturday night of the con, we plan to host an event to launch your game. It’s an opportunity for you to speak about the game you created, answer a couple of questions, autograph copies of it and spruik it, spruik it, spruik it! Tell people where they can buy it or download it.

So bookmark an hour on Saturday night at 6pm to come along and pitch your game.