From the Ashes of GenConOz 2010

Australian gamers were dealt a terrible blow a fortnight ago when Ian Houlihan regretfully announced the cancellation of GenConOz 2010. This was widely regarded as a Very Sad Thing.

Several smaller groups started working on their own activities to fill the void, and after a week started talking to each other about working together. And that’s how it is that from September 24-26 in Brisbane Australia there will be Uprising. If we can’t have the Best Four Days of Australian Gaming, we’ll cut it down to three instead.

Alongside Warmachine, L5R and Magic there will be seminars on GMing, seminars on game design and workshops on game design, featuring some of Australia’s finest freelancers and indie game designers.

Watch for updates here and in other good gaming places.


More to follow…

Just a quick note to let everyone know that plans have progressed in leaps and bounds. There will be an event, it is shaping up to be much bigger than we expected, and we can reveal more mid-week. All I can say is don’t make any other plans for GenCon Oz weekend, because you will be gaming!

Keep posting your desire to attend in the comment thread of the below post.



A phoenix rises!

We at the Stockade are going to fill part of the void left by the cancellation of GenCon Oz. Keep the 24th and 25th of September (that’s the Saturday and Sunday GenCon would have run) free to game! Watch this site for details as we have them!

If you would like to help out, run games, volunteer time or services or just attend leave a comment to this post or send an email to; nathan AT herebegamers DOT com

Gen Con Oz 2010 :(

Wow. By now you should have heard the announcement that GCO 2010 has been cancelled. What a bummer! There’s no doubt that this leaves a hole in many social calendars and gamers’ hearts, but we wish everyone involved in organising it the very best for the future – especially hoping that the situation improves in time to run it in 2011.

GPB Saved!

Courtesy of a few brilliant people, there are now more games available at Go Play Brisbane. In fact, the balance is now towards vacant seats. Check out the game schedule, find the games you like and bring your friends.