Oh my God, a post about the business of indie games!

Well, with all the crazyness surrounding the cancellation of GenCon Oz and the… rising… of the Uprising event, it’s been a while since we have had a post about game design or indie publishing. This brief note is to point you prospective publishers towards an interesting post and discussion on the pricing and sale of indie games. It is from Two Scooters Press who have just launched the very cool Blowback RPG. The comments in this linked post get passionate, but I take it as a good sign – passionate people make this hobby go ’round.

This post is interesting stuff, and hits on something I learnt when I published Space Rat – at the price point I decided on I couldn’t sell the game to a distributor and make a worthwhile profit! Unless you are dealing in large numbers, or you can get a book printed really cheap, distribution is a killer for micro-press. On the flip side, getting the exposure that a company like IPR can offer is really difficult without them! Anyway, read the post and comment back here to let us know your thoughts on how you intend to work out the price of your game, or what you think a “reasonable” price for an RPG is.


Uprising website is up (rising)

So many recursions in that title…

But it’s all good news. The Uprising weekend has a website now. Go check it out for all the information about Uprising.

Yes, Uprising!

Uprising call for events

The call for events at Uprising has started. Take a look at the Uprising page at Warhorn for an idea of the gaming slots available so far. I should also let you know that these are not the final slots.

So send an email to me at uprising.convention@gmail.com with details of your game and a preference for your game session. Looking forward to hearing from you.

EDIT: The email address for event registration is uprising@acecomics.com.au