Uprising website is up (rising)

So many recursions in that title…

But it’s all good news. The Uprising weekend has a website now. Go check it out for all the information about Uprising.

Yes, Uprising!


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3 Responses to Uprising website is up (rising)

  1. Col says:

    Just a quick question – is Uprising a two day event, or three.

    On the Uprising website it says it’s the 25 & 26 of September, but Warhorn.net seems to have events that also run on the 23rd.

    I’m also signing up for the Pathfinder convention, and want to know if I should spend both the Thursday & Friday there, or just the Thursday?

    • Nathan says:

      There are events on offer for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from the look of Warhorn. I would go to whichever stuff is interesting you most on the Friday. It might be a nice split to do two days of Pathfinder and then two days of other stuff, but I guess it depends on whether anything is running at Uprising that you want to check out on Friday.
      Has this been useful? Ummm… Either way, I look forward to seeing you at Uprising sometime over the weekend!

      • Col says:

        Cheers for the clarification. Uprising is definitely the more interesting convention (for myself).

        I just wasn’t 100% sure if events were running on the Friday or not.

        And another cheers to all the folk involved in organising the Uprising/Pathfinder/other stuff. It’s amazing to see you guys turn around a convention in such a short time period, and I’m really looking forward to it (especially seeing what games you guys have all come up with over the last twelve months)!

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