Mission Control, Games are Launched

Over the weekend at Uprising, the Stockade games launch took place. Many of the people who nominated the first round of games were there and could speak to their efforts over the year.
The sad part was that many of those promising games didn’t make it through to the goal. A few people disappeared, and a few people announced that their games were cancelled. However, I’m still pleased that so many people started down the road, and that they’re still keen to pursue something in game design. So this was the scoreboard.

Bev (Society)
Peter Blake (Behind the Scenes)
Ray Williams (Where the Shadows Play)
Sam (Giant Monsters Save the Day)

Timothy Ferguson (Concierge)

Rules Complete
Steve D (The Institute of Neohuman Society)
Michael Wenman (Brigaki Djili)

Started Playtesting
Andrew Smith (Siege)
David Pidgeon (Dirty Princesses)

Art and Layout and Available
Nathan Russell (The Beast of Limfjord)

Great big congratulations to Nathan for getting as far as he did! Anyone who wants to see this game should head over to Peril Planet to grab a copy, and watch for those final tweaks that Nathan promised on Saturday.


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2 Responses to Mission Control, Games are Launched

  1. Steve D says:

    I didn’t finish that game because I a) forgot about the challenge and b) wrote about four more.

  2. Nathan says:

    Congratulations to everyone who took part. It is a big deal to even commit to such an ambitious project – the time, effort and energy it requires is great and that is why most gamers are happy to just play these games. People wanting a copy of my game, The Beast of Limfjord, can still get the playtest version at Peril Planet, but the final version will be ready in time for Christmas (that is my goal!). I have had a kind offer of help with editing, which I intend to take up.

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