Dice Probabilities

I am no math guy. I can count enough to put the right number of candles on my birthday cake, but not much else. This doesn’t usually worry me when it comes to game design, because I am more of a “it feels right” kind of guy, rather than a hard probabilty guy. Some games (and game designers), though, like the mathamatical stuff you can do with dice probability. And if you are designing for an existing game, you probably need to understand how the probabilities work in that system. A recent discussion over on the Fate yahoo group was tackling such an issue when someone asked “Can you play Fate with 2d6 (+skill)?”. The discussion on the different probabilities of Fudge dice, 2d6, and D6 – D6 were (surprisingly) interesting. If you are interested in that discussion you should check out the Fate yahoo group. If you are interested in dice probabilities, have a look at the AnyDice website.


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