Using your phone as notetaking tool for writing

On my recent trip to the UK, I really got into using my wife’s camera as a notetaking tool for the first time. The game I mostly write for is strongly historical, so that meant that as I was going through museums, I kept seeing things that I went “Must remember for later.” Generally in that case I’d photograph the object, then the sign that was next to the object, so that I’d have context when I next looked at the photos and thought “What am I doing with that again?”

The signs are under copyright, so I haven’t republished them, but of the photos are at

and I already have signed contracts for pieces based on three of them (which are under NDA, so I can’t say which ones, or why, or for which game, which is a bit of a pathetic way to end a blog post, but there you go. I’m really thinking hard on the logistics of a patronage-model book for two of the others (Those I can talk about: it’s the rhino and the jackal).

So, just a reminder that phone’s camera phone can be a useful note taking device.


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One Response to Using your phone as notetaking tool for writing

  1. Andrew says:

    This is a great idea, used by researchers the world over. It can be coupled with some kind of organisational software to help you categorize and search your photos and ideas. I use Evernote for this sort of thing a lot, and it has versions for PC & Mac, as well as some tablets and several smartphones.

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