Gen Con Oz 2011 has been cancelled

You may have heard by now that Gen Con Oz 2011 has been cancelled. The announcement is on the twitters and the facebooks. The site still has the announcement that the 2010 convention was cancelled, so for the time being there’s nothing useful there. It looks as though it’s been cancelled for the same reasons as in 2010. That is, not enough corporate sponsorship.

Speculate away, if you like, about the reasons for it, but the problem now remains that there is no Gen Con Oz this year. What are your plans now? Will you try to attend something else, or more impressively, will you try to organise something else?


Save Vs Storm

We’re Australian! Yay!

We design games! Yay!

Some of us were flooded out! Not so yay.

A new website has sprung up to help out your fellow gamers who are in trouble. If they, like me, live in Queensland then they’re contenders for some help. But unlike me, Save Vs Storm is trying to help gamers who lost their gaming books. Mongoose and White Wolf are already offering support to this project, so I encourage you to go there as well and find out how you can help a flooded or stormed gamer.