Auscon Story Games & RPGs are on!

See? I told ya so! Auscon is running a day of story games and RPGs. May 1, the Sunday of the event, is the RPG taster.

A taster for what? For a larger RPG convention being planned for later in 2011. A convention with high focus on RPGs and story games.

The call is out for GMs to volunteer to run games at the taster in April. Any GM who does this will get a full weekend pass to Auscon. That gives you plenty of time on other days to wander the vendor booths or play the other games on the schedule.

Sessions are 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 6pm and a super-session from 7pm to midnight. If you want to run a game, send an email to ((andrew)) *dot* (mg) *dot* ((smith)) at ((gmail)) . (com)

(Sorry for the horrors of the parentheses – spam bots are evil).


Auscon on your radar

It might not have been on your radar until now, but I think it should be. Keep your eyes on the Auscon site. There might be some good news for story gamers, if the rumours I hear are true.