The Stockade is a project that you can read all about on the Challenge page.  It’s the brainchild of Nathan Russell, with some assistance from Andrew Smith.

Nathan is an active figure in the indie RPG scene, with many achievements to his name.  He’s published his own game Space Rat, as well as one or two other smaller games.  You can see them on his website Peril Planet.  He’s also one of the organisers for Newcastle’s premier gaming club, the Every Gamer’s Guild.  And while not travelling about the country running games at Gencon Oz or Go Play Brisbane, he also takes the time to host and produce Here Be Gamers, the podcast.

Andrew is not quite as accomplished in the indie RPG scene, but still a nice guy with his heart in the right place.  He’s the organiser of Go Play Brisbane, a twice-yearly mini-convention for indie games in Brisbane and one of the organisers for indie games on demand at Gencon Oz.  You can keep up with Andrew’s gaming life at his blog Tabletop Manifesto.

  • Learn about the history of the Eureka Stockade and our reasons for choosing the Eureka flag as our emblem HERE.

2 Responses to About

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  2. Nathan says:

    Andrew is very good at talking other people up, but has seriously under-sold himself! He managed the Indie Games on Demand with great skill, ensuring that every person (GM, player or interested onlooker) left happy. He also organised and MC’d the War Stories seminar and Game Design Round Table at GenCon Oz, asking insightful questions, always getting to the heart of a subject and demonstrating his own understanding of game design.
    Andrew is an accomplished GM and if you haven’t played one of his Spirit of the Century adventures (there are probably a couple of people who haven’t), then seek him out immediately. They are awesome!
    Andrew has an incredible understanding of the indie game scene, keeps up to date with current events, trends, podcasts and blogs. You will always find it worthwhile striking up a conversation with him. And certaily check out that blog of his.

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