Auscon Story Games & RPGs are on!

See? I told ya so! Auscon is running a day of story games and RPGs. May 1, the Sunday of the event, is the RPG taster.

A taster for what? For a larger RPG convention being planned for later in 2011. A convention with high focus on RPGs and story games.

The call is out for GMs to volunteer to run games at the taster in April. Any GM who does this will get a full weekend pass to Auscon. That gives you plenty of time on other days to wander the vendor booths or play the other games on the schedule.

Sessions are 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 6pm and a super-session from 7pm to midnight. If you want to run a game, send an email to ((andrew)) *dot* (mg) *dot* ((smith)) at ((gmail)) . (com)

(Sorry for the horrors of the parentheses – spam bots are evil).


Gen Con Oz 2011 has been cancelled

You may have heard by now that Gen Con Oz 2011 has been cancelled. The announcement is on the twitters and the facebooks. The site still has the announcement that the 2010 convention was cancelled, so for the time being there’s nothing useful there. It looks as though it’s been cancelled for the same reasons as in 2010. That is, not enough corporate sponsorship.

Speculate away, if you like, about the reasons for it, but the problem now remains that there is no Gen Con Oz this year. What are your plans now? Will you try to attend something else, or more impressively, will you try to organise something else?

There’s a part time gaming job going at the State Library of Queensland

So, the Edge at the SLQ is looking for someone to put in a day a week until next May, setting up gaming ideas for a festival. I thought I’d spread the idea around in case any of you are interested.  It closes 25 October, so you’ll need to get your resumes polished fast.

Dice Probabilities

I am no math guy. I can count enough to put the right number of candles on my birthday cake, but not much else. This doesn’t usually worry me when it comes to game design, because I am more of a “it feels right” kind of guy, rather than a hard probabilty guy. Some games (and game designers), though, like the mathamatical stuff you can do with dice probability. And if you are designing for an existing game, you probably need to understand how the probabilities work in that system. A recent discussion over on the Fate yahoo group was tackling such an issue when someone asked “Can you play Fate with 2d6 (+skill)?”. The discussion on the different probabilities of Fudge dice, 2d6, and D6 – D6 were (surprisingly) interesting. If you are interested in that discussion you should check out the Fate yahoo group. If you are interested in dice probabilities, have a look at the AnyDice website.

The naga demon

Is the challenge to create a game in a year (or a bit less if GenCon Oz is in July) too easy for you? Then how about a game in a month? Then how about this challenge from Nathan Russell?

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and I strongly recommend you all give it a try, at least once. For those of you more interested in games than novels, though, why not use November as your very own National Game Design Month (NaGa DeMon). Commit to creating, writing and playing (at least once) a boardgame, wargame or RPG of your own.

Nathan has some good tips for the process on his site. And if you keep reading his posts through November you can keep tabs on his own NaNoWriMo project.

Mission Control, Games are Launched

Over the weekend at Uprising, the Stockade games launch took place. Many of the people who nominated the first round of games were there and could speak to their efforts over the year.
The sad part was that many of those promising games didn’t make it through to the goal. A few people disappeared, and a few people announced that their games were cancelled. However, I’m still pleased that so many people started down the road, and that they’re still keen to pursue something in game design. So this was the scoreboard.

Bev (Society)
Peter Blake (Behind the Scenes)
Ray Williams (Where the Shadows Play)
Sam (Giant Monsters Save the Day)

Timothy Ferguson (Concierge)

Rules Complete
Steve D (The Institute of Neohuman Society)
Michael Wenman (Brigaki Djili)

Started Playtesting
Andrew Smith (Siege)
David Pidgeon (Dirty Princesses)

Art and Layout and Available
Nathan Russell (The Beast of Limfjord)

Great big congratulations to Nathan for getting as far as he did! Anyone who wants to see this game should head over to Peril Planet to grab a copy, and watch for those final tweaks that Nathan promised on Saturday.

Interview with David Wesely

One of the early pioneers of game design is David Wesely. And by pioneer, I mean that he was the designer of Braunstein, first played in 1967. You can read about him at Wikipedia if you like, but I highly recommend that you listen to the interview with him at Theory from the Closet. It’ll enrich your understanding of gaming like nothing else you can imagine.