Some thoughts on the future of publishing

Online Opinion has a piece on the business model of electronic publishing that could get your publishing juices flowing.

A few years ago, when the last book in the Harry Potter series was coming out, my wife and I faced a dilemma: who would read it first? This was a serious marital issue, and we resolved it by getting a divorce. No, seriously, just for this problem, we did what we would have done had we not been married: we bought two copies of the book.

Perhaps this is the reason why the Harry Potter series is yet to appear digitally (at least legally so). For today, we would not face that dilemma with an ebook. We both have Kindles (or a Kindle app in my case) and most publishers allow a single account to view its books on multiple devices. We can both happily read the same book having purchased it just once. And it should be like that. After all, we are both going to read it eventually anyway. Why shouldn’t we be able to enjoy the experience at the same time?

How about your game? How do you want to publish it; print or electronic? And what kind of electronic?