Go Play Brisbane

Go Play is a mini-con for indie games, held a couple of times each year in Brisbane. It’s an opportunity for you to try new games, meet other indie gamers, meet other game designers and have fun.


July 17th, 2010. First session starts at 9am and the second session starts at 1pm.


Ace Comics and Games, Annerley


Send an email to goplaybrisbane@gmail.com

Games at 9am

Adventure Title: A Penny For My Thoughts
Brief Description: Have you lost your memory? The Orphic Institute for Advanced Studies can help, with its revolutionary Mnemosyne™ treatment process. By using this useful treatment guide, you can learn how to get your memory—and your life—back.
Game System: A Penny For My Thoughts
Number of Players: 3 to 4
Rules facilitator: Fridrik Bjarnason (no GM required, but he has the rules)

Adventure Title: Siege
Brief Description: The desperate one has a hostage. The one on the outside wants it to end. The hostage has something to live for. This is a playtest for Siege.
Game System: Siege
Number of Players: 3 to 4
GM: Andrew Smith

Adventure Title: Throne War
Brief Description: The throne is empty! All around you are greedy, grasping pretenders. Do you have what it takes to take the throne?
Game System: Amber
Number of Players: 3 to 6…
GM: Timothy Ferguson

Adventure Title: Archipelago
Description: To be advised…
Game System: Archipelago
Number of players: 2-5
GM: Shane Duncan

Games at 1pm

Adventure Title: Gone Wrong
Description: You thought it would be an easy job, in and out in a few minutes and considerably richer. Wrong! Gone Wrong is about a heist that’s taken a disastrous turn. This will be a sort-of playtest for Devil Die.
Game System: Devil Die.
Number of players: 3-6
GM: David Pidgeon

Adventure Title: The Beast of Limfjord
Description: Gather close and hear the saga of Hrofgar, great warrior, and his journey home. Many were his triumphs in the years that he explored the north, west and east. But the Gods often have plans for the bold of heart and able of body and the north winds were unleashed upon Hrofgar and his crew, smashing their longship upon the shores of far northern Jutland, at the village of Limfjord. The villagers, recognising the warrior in their midst, petitioned Hrofgar to save them from the Beast that had descended upon them. This is the tale of Hrofgar and the Beast of Limfjord…
Game System: The Beast of Limfjord
Number of players: 2-5
GM: Andrew Smith

Adventure Title: Don’t Rest Your Head
Description: Don’t Rest Your Head is a sleek, dangerous little game, where your players are all insomniac protagonists with superpowers, fighting — and using — exhaustion and madness to stay alive, and awake for just one more night, in a reality gone way wrong called the Mad City.
Game System: Don’t Rest Your Head
Number of players: 2-4
GM: Gavin Core

Adventure Title: Bliss Stage
Description: Right now, right this moment, right as you read these words, humanity is struck down by an alien force from beyond the limits of our understanding. It is the first blow of a terrible war. Seven years later, armed with a technology you cannot understand and can barely operate, you will strike back. This is how.
Game System: Bliss Stage
Number of players: 2-5
GM: Shane Duncan


7 Responses to Go Play Brisbane

  1. Timothy says:

    Fpr Amber it can stretch a bit higher than 5. It’s a competitive politicy sort of game. Three has the potential to become (gasp!) co-operative!

  2. Raymunji says:

    Hey thanks for a great day, I had heaps of fun and had a good group of guys to hang with and play games with.

    Cheers Ray

  3. Drew says:

    I was planning to attend for the first time but life got in the way.

    Any idea when the next is planned as I’d really like to get involved.


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